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iMovie Project

As with the Edward Gorey House brochure in my last post, I chose a theme that has been prevalent these past few months: Edward Gorey. BUT, for a project where I was required to create an iMovie that had some relation to this blog, I chose to expand the theme a little. Edward’s house wasn’t the only thing I saw this summer. I actually saw most of the northern portion of the United States. Continue reading


Edward Gorey House Brochure

This brochure was created using Adobe InDesign in my ol’ humble CS3. I chose the brochure1.indt template and essentially scrapped it to create this (but thanks altogether for the layout ideas).

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Those of you who are looking to own a piece of your favorite illustrator (if your favorite illustrator is Edward Gorey and a “piece” of clothing will suffice), will be delighted by Bloomsbury auction house’s upcoming December 9th auction


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Robert Lawson

Although I did not net know it, I first became aware of Robert Lawson as a child. Continue reading