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Last Edward Gorey Art For Sale

As readers, I expect this blog entry will either titillate or annoy you. I haven’t written very much here in a long time and to now do so only to inform you that I’m selling one final piece of original Edward Gorey art seems a little disingenuous. We do what we must to get on.

The piece I’m offering on eBay looks a bit like the first artwork I offered. Indeed, it’s a companion piece – an extremely rare original pen-and-ink drawing created by Edward Gorey for Amphigorey: A Musicale.

As mentioned in a previous post,  the production was originally staged in 1992 at the Plays and Player’s Theatre in Philadelphia, and then again in New York in 1994. A poster for it appears below:

Description: This artwork features four very striking, highly detailed, and unusually large pen-and-ink “frieze” style drawings by Edward. It’s particularly attractive for a number of reasons, not the least of which are the repeating “lizard” patterns surrounded by luminescent moons.

Of course, there are other repeating patterns in the other scenes which show off Gorey’s amazing illustration talents are and simply remarkable. The piece is not signed, but the numbers on the sides of the illustrations, and the word AMPHIGOREY are all written in his unmistakable hand. (EG did not sign all of his pieces, especially those used for his own purposes. Drawings for his books, for example, often only have the date he completed them on the reverse.)

It’s in extremely lovely condition, and since this is the last piece of Gorey original artwork in my collection that I can imagine ever selling, I’d suggest that now is the time to buy. You can read more about it at the eBay link here.

Of course, if you’d rather not bid and would like to introduce yourself as a fellow collector, say hello!


More Edward Gorey Art For Sale

Well, despite my wanting desperately to get back into the habit of writing more on illustrators I love, I’ve been focusing on other topics at the moment – like working on my advertising portfolio. But that’s another story altogether.

I am now selling another of my collection of Edward Gorey Drawings. The piece I am showing here is original Edward Gorey art for the Anchor Books publication of Alexandre Dumas’ Adventures in Spain. YOu can find it on ebay at: http://www.ebay.com/itm/110840409362?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649#ht_4068wt_1279

These two drawings of “electros” are mounted on artist board and surrounded by Edward’s handwritten notes and signature. While it is very rare that Edward’s work comes up for sale, it is exceedingly so for his Anchor work.

As is widely written, Edward Gorey’s illustration career and subsequent visibility essentially began as an art director for Anchor Books and other publications such as Vintage, Image, etc. (Yes, he was involved in other projects before this, but this introduced his work to its larger audience to date.) Many of these books feature line drawings within the pages, typography by Edward, and some extremely striking cover images. (See this link for a more descriptive history of the relationship:http://www.goreyography.com/west/paper/paper.htm)

Collecting Edward’s Anchor books can become a fun hobby for old and new fans of Gorey. Go forth and bid! (Or just visit and check it out.)