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Edward Gorey House Brochure

This brochure was created using Adobe InDesign in my ol’ humble CS3. I chose the brochure1.indt template and essentially scrapped it to create this (but thanks altogether for the layout ideas).

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Those of you who are looking to own a piece of your favorite illustrator (if your favorite illustrator is Edward Gorey and a “piece” of clothing will suffice), will be delighted by Bloomsbury auction house’s upcoming December 9th auction


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Rockwell Kent

Like Harry Clarke, Rockwell Kent wasn’t an illustrator in the strictest sense of the word, his talents being successfully applied to a number of mediums including printmaking, painting and writing. Its his line illustrations and prints I love best, however.


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The Edward Gorey House

Let’s go back to Edward Gorey for a minute. I want to talk about Edward’s House.
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