Edward Gorey House Brochure

This brochure was created using Adobe InDesign in my ol’ humble CS3. I chose the brochure1.indt template and essentially scrapped it to create this (but thanks altogether for the layout ideas).

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Four or Five Posts From Now

When I began this blog, I stated that it was started primarily because it was a project for a class I am taking. I intend to continue it when the class ends. However, I’ve been instructed to add some content to this blog from the various other assignments I’ve been given over the last three months. So, the next 4 or 5 posts will appear very quickly (in the next two days) and will be followed with “our regularly scheduled programming.” FYI.

Robert McCloskey

It’s been written than Robert McCloskey used to refer to his writing as a  “sort of an accident.” Well wouldn’t we all love to have been so accident prone as he was? Continue reading


Those of you who are looking to own a piece of your favorite illustrator (if your favorite illustrator is Edward Gorey and a “piece” of clothing will suffice), will be delighted by Bloomsbury auction house’s upcoming December 9th auction


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E.H. Shepard

Well, there’s no real reason not to love E.H. Shepard, is there?

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Rockwell Kent

Like Harry Clarke, Rockwell Kent wasn’t an illustrator in the strictest sense of the word, his talents being successfully applied to a number of mediums including printmaking, painting and writing. Its his line illustrations and prints I love best, however.


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Eric Carle

Who is Eric Carle? He’s a renowned illustrator/collage artist, but he may actually turn out to be the patron saint of picture book art…if he isn’t already. Continue reading