Helpful Links

Despite there being a link widget on the right-hand side of this blog, I thought I would make it even easier to visit some websites relating to illustrators. Below, you will find links to sites featuring particular illustrators, as well as sites related to illustration collecting. Since many of these artists have passed on, you may find that some sites here are fan sites. Be aware that many fan sites are amateur sites and may inundate you with pop-ups. Also, some of these links may take you to commercial web sites relating to rare books and art. While I myself enjoy visiting these virtual stores, I am not in any way affiliated with them, nor am I receiving any compensation or consideration for putting them here. They are merely meant for your own resources.

LINKS (to be added as time permits):

The Edward Gorey House:

Amanda Visell:

Mary Blair:

Illustration House:

Animazing Gallery:

Alex Steinweiss:

Arthur Rackham:


Every Picture Tells a Story:

Aleph-Bet Books:

Joann Reisler Books:

Chris Beetles Art Gallery:

William Joyce:

J. Otto Seibold:

Gallery Nucleus:

Chris Van Allburg:

Barry Moser:



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