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iMovie Project

As with the Edward Gorey House brochure in my last post, I chose a theme that has been prevalent these past few months: Edward Gorey. BUT, for a project where I was required to create an iMovie that had some relation to this blog, I chose to expand the theme a little. Edward’s house wasn’t the only thing I saw this summer. I actually saw most of the northern portion of the United States. Continue reading


Eric Carle

Who is Eric Carle? He’s a renowned illustrator/collage artist, but he may actually turn out to be the patron saint of picture book art…if he isn’t already. Continue reading

Maurice Sendak

I’m not even sure how I’m going to tackle Maurice Sendak’s work in a few paragraphs. I’ll try to focus on some generalities and let all of you do the heavier research.

Continue reading

Amanda Visell

An artist I’ve come to love who is no doubt heavily influenced by Mary Blair is Amanda Visell. Continue reading

Matte Stephens

One of the more interesting contemporary illustrators that I’ve come across recently is Matte Stephens, a lover of mid-century illustration and design and a talented artist in his own right. Continue reading

Robert Lawson

Although I did not net know it, I first became aware of Robert Lawson as a child. Continue reading