2012 Edward Gorey House Exhibit

2012 is more than halfway over, but it isn’t too late to tell you about The Edward Gorey House’s latest exhibit, Edward Gorey’s Envelope Art.

© The Edward Gorey Charitable Trust

Inspired in parts by the recent publication of Floating World’s (Peter Neumeyer’s collection of correspondence and accompanying art from Edward) and a love for showcasing the unexpected from the archive of the Edward Gorey Charitable Trust, Director Rick Jones and his colleagues have managed to create a thoroughly original and impressive exhibit.

Featured are a wide number of illustrated envelopes from the Floating Worlds book, as well as many others sent to Gorey’s friends. They are, in my opinion, absolutely stunning; both because they survived the trip through the post to their recipients and because they offer a fairly rare glimpse of work created by Edward for his personal use.

Here’s another envelope example.

© The Edward Gorey Charitable Trust

You may visit Goreyana for a more detailed look into the exhibit. Of course, you should also visit The Edward Gorey House. It’ll be open until December 30th of this year, after which it will close for the season and return with a new exhibit.


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