Photoshop project

This one was rather easy. The assignment called for adjusting an image using Adobe Photoshop. We had to send our professor three images, 1) a photo adjusted for the web, 2) a photo ready to use with Adobe InDesign and 3) a photo with a filter applied to it. 

The biggest differences between the first two are that I had to adjust the overall size of the web-ready file and reduce it to no more than 125kb, compared to the InDesign-ready file which could be be no more than 300-400kb. This was done by first adjusting the image size IMAGE>IMAGE SIZE> Pixel dimensions are 800×600 and the document resolution is 72. I next went to FILE>SAVE FOR WEB AND DEVICES> and adjusted each of the images accordingly.

The third image was fairly easy, I followed the steps listed above and went to FILTER>FILTER GALLERY> and chose whichever filter I wanted (in this case,Film Grain). As the saying goes, easy-peasy lemon squeezy. I hate that saying.


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