iMovie Project

As with the Edward Gorey House brochure in my last post, I chose a theme that has been prevalent these past few months: Edward Gorey. BUT, for a project where I was required to create an iMovie that had some relation to this blog, I chose to expand the theme a little. Edward’s house wasn’t the only thing I saw this summer. I actually saw most of the northern portion of the United States.

One of my favorite cities anywhere is Boston. In creating this little iMovie project, I chose to incorporate images of Boston with images of the Gorey House (you know, so you don’t all get so bored of Edward Gorey). There’s an interesting effect that you can apply to photos you upload through iMove, which is the most easy-as-pie application that I think Apple makes. You can choose to apply a crop to photos that you upload and then apply a “Ken Burns” effect to make it appear that you are panning through the photograph. If you’ve seen any of Burns’ documentaries, you’ll know to what I’m referring. I was originally hesitant to apply this effect to my movie because I was afraid it would wind up a little cheesy. But after trying it out I decided that it was actually quite effective and interesting.

The trick, though, is to not apply the effect to every photo. Rather, you need to choose two or three to apply the effect to, make sure that the camera is planing somewhat consistently across axis’ (the camera can’t plane down and then up and then down again over three images – it’ll make you ill) and then simply switch back to smooth fade ins and outs over the next few images until you go back to the Ken Burns’ effect. Too much Ken Burns, it turns out, will give you a little motion sickness.

That said, here’s the movie:

I particularly love how I was able to sync the John Coltrane music to the video. Not so shabby.


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  1. Not too shabby!


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