Those of you who are looking to own a piece of your favorite illustrator (if your favorite illustrator is Edward Gorey and a “piece” of clothing will suffice), will be delighted by Bloomsbury auction house’s upcoming December 9th auction


Focusing only on Edward Gorey, this upcoming auction is devoted entirely of Gorey items and will feature oodles of interesting books. More importantly, you will have the chance to bid on 14 fur coats once owned and worn by Edward himself, as well as some of his personal jewelry and even a pen he used to create his drawings.


This isn’t just a great opportunity to get about as close to Edward as any living person still can, but also a wonderful chance to contribute through your winning bid to charitable causes. Proceeds from this auction will go to both the Edward Gorey House in Cape Cod (a not-for-profit museum located in the house that Gorey  lived in) and The Edward Gorey Charitable Trust, which gives money to causes that assist in the welfare of animals.

I’m personally thrilled to have helped facilitate this auction in the very early stages and am proud to see that the directors of the Gorey House and the charitable trust have turned it into such a unique and exciting event.

Show your support of animals, of writers and artists, and of Edward himself and bid like there’s no December 10th!


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