Amanda Visell

An artist I’ve come to love who is no doubt heavily influenced by Mary Blair is Amanda Visell. Amanda is a Southern California native with an extremely eclectic personality and a pretty wild sense of humor. Though she is self-taught, she clearly has an extraordinary talent for creating  whimsical imagery and an entirely unique way of making otherwise bizarre pictures seem to stand on their own as art – even without the need for a story to support them.

In my opinion, she’s one of the more endearing, singular and marketable artists to emerge from what has become a widely acknowledged nationally emerging “lowbrow” art scene. This may actually be because her art is more of a hybrid of fine art and illustration art and doesn’t (at least currently) try to ascend beyond that.

Another interesting aspect to her career is that she’s also begun to establish herself as a competent 3-D artist, embracing manufacturing techniques to offer her fans a number of limited edition three-dimensional pieces created in plush, concrete, metal and vinyl.

To date, I am not aware of any books she has created other than her delightful Popping Through Pictures. I’m also not aware of any commissions of her work outside of Disneyland and stop-motion projects for The Simpsons and (what I’m guessing is the “Buddy Leaves the North Pole” portion of) the Movie Elf. She does regularly create work for individual and group shows, though. And you definitely should check those out when they happen.

You can see more of Amanda’s work at two websites of hers: and buy some at


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  1. Cool article! I am happy that I found it. I am going to book mark for later reading =)

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